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Digital Magazines

Food & Beverage Insider Digital Magazines deliver feature-style analysis, columns, and in-depth stories in an always on, always accessible format. Since each issue is thematic, our audience, your customers, finds exactly what they need exactly when they need it to help them along their specific decision-making process.


Snacks & Sweets

Sweet and savory are the perfect marriage of
indulgence and umami. In this issue, we will
examine current and forward outlooks for the snack
and confectionery sectors that gained tremendous
traction during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will
investigate category whitespace and innovative
product launches, identify key consumer
demographics, and dive into ingredient and
formulation considerations for creating cravable,
yet healthy, sweets and snacks.

Commitment deadline:
February 11
Materials Due: 
February 15


Children’s Food and Beverages

Designing products that foster healthy childhood
growth and development is big business, with
significant go-to-market opportunity for clean label
applications across the entire food and beverage
spectrum. This issue will examine market size and
trajectory for kids’ products and investigate novel
ingredients to meet nutritional needs for bone,
muscle, vision, brain, gut health and more.

Commitment deadline: 
March 11
Materials Due: 
March 15



Fiber’s status as a workhorse has never been more
important than today as product formulators look
to develop healthier food and beverages to address
nutritional deficiencies in the American diet. While
they might not be sexy, they play a crucial role in
the areas of heart health, digestion, glucose control,
weight management and the microbiome, as well as
contributed to overall texture and stability in processed
foods. This issue will examine categories benefiting
from “fiberful” additions, new and novel ingredients, as
well as formulation challenges and solutions.

Commitment deadline: 
April 13
Materials Due: 
April 15


Flavors & Colors

Move over Batman and Robin; colors and flavors
are today’s superheroes. Natural colors and flavors
are quickly becoming workhorses in the clean label
food and beverage space not only for the brilliant
hues and vibrant tastes they bring to products,
but also for their appeal to consumers who want
products made with natural ingredients. This issue
will examine market drivers and opportunities for
natural colors and flavors, as well as considerations
for ingredient selection, formulation and supply

Commitment deadline: 
May 11
Materials Due: 
May 13


Protein Battle Ground

Protein is a powerful ingredient armed with a multitude
of nutritional and functional ammo. From plant- and
animal-based to cell-cultured and insects, protein is
a hot topic with tons of innovation coming down the
pike. This issue will examine veteran and next-gen
proteins and how they are adding value to the ranks
of beverages, dairy, bars, snacks, ready-to-eat meals,
confections and more. We will also delve into flavor
and formulation challenges (especially for plantbased
proteins) as well as best practices for sourcing
sustainable proteins.

Commitment deadline: 
June 13
Materials Due: 
June 15



The rising consumption of dairy products,
particularly organic and non-GMO, and shifting
consumer preference from meat to dairy products
for protein enrichment are driving sector growth.
Dairy products are rich in nutrients like riboflavin,
calcium, vitamin A, niacin, potassium, vitamin D
and phosphorus. This issue will examine the dairy
sector’s “mooo-ve” to natural greener pastures,
innovative product launches and category
whitespace, trending ingredients, formulation and
supply chain considerations.

Commitment deadline: 
August 15
Materials Due: 
August 17



Plant-based foods and beverages, in literally every
category, are in the forefront of the American food
culture. Brands are answering consumer demand
for minimally processed products made from clean
ingredients that align with their values related to
well-being and econ-consciousness. This issue will
explore the market opportunity for the plant-based
food and beverage products and investigate novel
ingredients and formulation techniques product
developers are using to create innovative and tasty

Commitment deadline: 
September 14
Materials Due: 
September 16



Globally, the nearly US$2 trillion beverage market’s
cup is running over with innovation. Amid the
turbulence of COVID-19, many consumers gravitate
toward drinks that promote (and deliver) health
benefits such as immunity, relaxation, hydration,
cognition, digestion and more—but not at a cost to
flavor and enjoyment. This issue will look at market
opportunities for healthy beverages, trending
ingredients such as proteins, nootropics, botanicas,
vitamins and minerals, flavors etc., as well as
formulation challenges and solutions.

Commitment deadline: 
October 6 
Materials Due: 
October 10


Less is More

From fats and oils to preservatives, sodium
and sweeteners, less is more when it comes to
ingredient decks and consumer preference. To
that, more brands are dialing back undesirable
ingredients and replacing them with natural food
additives that support cleaner (and healthier) labels.
This magazine will examine trending ingredients
and formulation solutions to replace ingredients
such as fats, oils, sugars, sodium, and artificial
preservatives, flavors, colors and more.

Commitment deadline: 
November 7
Materials Due: 
November 9

Product Development Guides

Co-branded monthly content geared toward a formulator audience, featuring a quick category overview, and a sponsor Q&A and advertising section. These cover topics related to relevant conditions, ingredients and sourcing practices.


Nature’s Colors

Clean label is the new norm, and brands are responding
by reformulating to meet demand. Consumers want
products free from artificial flavors and synthetic colors,
so it is important for formulators to understand ingredient
selection and process for natural alternatives. To ensure
your food or beverage makes it into as many mouths
as possible—and then is enjoyed again and again—it
is crucial to not only get your flavors straight–but to get
the color just right. Color plays a powerful perceptive
role in the enjoyment of food, and consumers want to
understand the label; they don’t want to see artificial.
Show your rainbow in this product development guide.

Commitment deadline: 
December 23, 2021
Materials Due: 
January 3



Beverages are perhaps the most ubiquitous consumable. Water is
the elixir of life. But for every occasion and life circumstance, be it
celebratory, functional, nourishing or simply quenching, beverage
brand holders continue to innovate. They need solutions for flavor,
sweetening, texture and more. Beverages serve as an expression
of individual tastes and values, while also being persistently
functional. Today’s beverages may serve as a meal, or a nonalcoholic
mixer may serve a up a social status cue. Beverages
are perhaps the most dramatic disruptors in today’s food and
beverage marketplace. Learn about ways to think outside the
bottle with new ideas for expanding and diversifying offerings to
meet consumers’ evolving desires and needs.

Commitment deadline: 
January 25
Materials Due: 
February 3


Non-dairy Innovation: All Meal Occasions, Sweet to Savory

Demand for dairy alternatives is giving conventional dairy
counterparts a run for their money, with innovation creating
disruption in the marketplace. Consumer perception of what
constitutes a good protein source is expanding to include a wider
variety of plant-based protein ingredients that offer balanced
proteins while catering to dietary and lifestyle restriction—or
simply changing preferences. Many ingredients also satisfy
consumer demand for clean labels, and align with values related
to sustainability and eco-consciousness. From desserts and
plant-based milk options to cheese alternatives and dips, this
product development guide provides the platform to tout the
benefits of your innovative non-dairy ingredient and food-tech
solutions the dairy aisle.

Commitment deadline:
February 15 
Materials Due: 
February 24


Probiotics in Snacks

What happens when you combine two of the
hottest CPG categories—snacking and microbiome
health? A new slew of product innovation
opportunities emerges. R&D in potent shelf-stable
probiotics is providing new ways to support getting
these beneficial microbes into more diversified
delivery systems, and consequently deliver more
benefits to more consumers. Add to that the boom
in snackification, nutrient-dense snacks with
more varied flavors and textures create a perfect
innovation storm for store shelves.

Commitment deadline: 
March 22
Materials Due: 
March 31


Specialty Diets

According to the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA)
annual State of the Specialty Food Industry report
released in 2020, sales of specialty foods reached
a record $158.5 billion in 2019, a 10.7% increase
since 2017. But this trend has now increased with
the advent of more eat-at-home occasions due to the
pandemic. Specialty foods cater to specialty diets, be
they restrictions due to allergens lifestyle preferences
related eating less animal protein, or perhaps higher
the higher protein requirements of the keto diet. This
guide will look at some of the leading ingredient trends
feeding today’s specialty diet product category leaders.

Commitment deadline: 
April 21
Materials Due: 
May 2



Condiments emerged as a key growth product category in 2020,
as people spent more time preparing and eating meals at home.
Consumers discovered that variety and convenience could fit
hand-in-glove and brands heeded the call. The trend is not going
away, but the continued growth in the category must also be
meet consumer desires for label friendly ingredient decks, Clean
label, application versatility and a shift to more adventurous
flavors are key attributes for differentiation. With texture and
stability needs rivaling the importance of taste and mouthfeel,
formulation considerations can be challenging. This product
development guide will highlight some of the latest strategies for
spicing up the category!

Commitment deadline: 
May 23
Materials Due: 
June 1



Wellness-minded, label-reading shoppers seek functional foods
and beverages to optimize their health. Some are looking for
specific beneficial nutrients, others focus upon nutrient-dense,
clean-label functional foods and beverages in convenient formats
to support their active lifestyles. By way of example, grabbing a
midafternoon nutrition bar fortified perhaps with nutrient-dense
whole foods, they’ll score ample minerals, amino acids and
omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Similarly, by snacking on crackers
fortified with organic beet root and kale ingredients, they’ll get
a range of antioxidants. For brands, enhancing recipes with
high-quality nutrients and other functional ingredients can
create truly differentiated competitive products within a crowded
marketplace. The opportunities to innovate are endless with a
vast array of versatile clean-label ingredients to choose from.

Commitment deadline: 
June 23
Materials Due: 
July 4


Children’s Health: Healthy Foods &
Beverage in the Lunchbox

Parents want to raise healthy kids with good eating habits,
they understand the benefits of a balanced diet from the
beginning. While the latest Dietary Guidelines for American’s
includes guidance for baby and toddler nutrition, including
recommendations like introducing peanuts and eggs in the first
year of life, and avoiding added sugar during the first two years,
moving through children’s life stages into middle school age
and into high school presents particular challenges in a hurried
and over-busy world. This product development guide will delve
into strategies for creating quality, clean label, nutrient-dense,
and convenient grab-and-go solutions for lunch boxes and busy

Commitment deadline: 
July 26
Materials Due: 
August 4



Staples like wheat, rye and rice continue to reign
supreme in the world of grains, but brands face the
need to diversify production to meet growing desires
for plant-forward eating, soil health and sustainable
production. Ancient grains like quinoa, chia, amaranth,
kamut, millet and others have shown serious staying
power thanks to their versatility, clean label attributes
and sustainable stories. From breads and baked goods to
dairy replacements and baby food, grains are showcasing
their versatility in myriad formats. It’s time for brands to
truly go with the grain.

Commitment deadline: 
August 18
Materials Due: 
August 29


Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Rarely are texture, flavor and appearance together under as
much scrutiny as with plant-based meat alternatives. Whether it’s
for health, allergy/intolerance or environmental reasons, forecasts
show consumer demand for plant-based alternatives won’t slow.
Consumers are here for the plant-based movement, but protein
remains a concern. History of linking animal-based protein to
quality lingers, so keen formulators are turning to a plethora of
legumes, seeds and grains to solve for both the plant and protein
desire. Creating plant-based meat alternatives that meet the
complementary requirements of die-hard meat lovers, plant-only
vegans and flexitarians can be daunting. We’ll explore some of
the leading solutions for addressing this complex market.

Commitment deadline: 
October 14
Materials Due:
October 25 

Deep Dive Reports

Long-form underwritten reports that take an in-depth, editorial look at overarching themes and innovations helping to shape the ingredient and manufacturing worlds, with a focus on impact on key categories in the natural and organic products industry. Deep Dives allow you to exclusively align with relevant third-party content.


Dressings, Marinades & Sauces

Consumers are branching out of their comfort zones
and looking to try new and bold flavors that provide a
little kick to everything from hot dogs to salads, and a
variety of dressings, marinades and sauces help achieve
this mission. Clean label, application versatility and a
shift to more adventurous flavors are key attributes for
differentiation. With texture and stability needs rivaling
the importance of taste and mouthfeel, formulation
considerations can be challenging. This Deep Dive will
investigate category opportunities, trending ingredients,
as well as formulation solutions necessary for brands to
create healthy dressings, marinades and sauces.

Commitment deadline: 
January 6
Materials Due: 
March 31



Despite FDA’s long-held position that CBD
cannot be sold in conventional food or dietary
supplements, the market has continued to grow,
with a Consumer Brands/Ipsos poll finding 26%
of Americans have used CBD. This Deep Dive will
examine the current and future state of the CBD
food and beverage market including category
opportunities, current regulatory issues and the
science behind cannabinoids as ingredients for food
and beverage products.

Commitment deadline: 
April 25
Materials Due: 
July 18

SupplySide Education Series

The SupplySide Education Series will feature a monthly webinar, each focused on a unique key topic (see below).  Align your brand with innovation, best practices, and need-to-know information by underwriting topics within this series. 


A New Kind of Brew: Innovations in
Coffee and Tea

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

Coffee and tea have been consumed for millennia,
but evolving consumer demands have led to
innovation in these two original functional
beverages. From protein and mineral fortification
to creative new formats and deliveries, coffee and
tea are now expected to deliver more benefits than
ever. This webinar will explore changing consumer
preferences and the ingredient and formulation
innovation being utilized to deliver.

Commitment deadline: 
December 30, 2021
Materials Due: 
December 31, 2021


Raising the Bar(s): Innovation in the Cereal and Bar Market

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

Cereals and bars may be an old mainstay in the natural food world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Today’s products are recreating what the category can do; think pre- and probiotic bars, grain-free cereals and the proliferation of savory products into the market. This webinar will highlight the latest ingredients,
formats and formulation strategies redefining the category.

Commitment deadline: 
February 24
Materials Due: 
February 25


Sustainability in Action: Creating a Greener Food System

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

The global climate crisis has reached a crossroads, and consumers are increasingly voicing concerns about the future of the planet. As a result, they are turning to brands that share that concern and are responding in kind. This webinar will explore
sustainability efforts across the food and beverage industry, including regenerative agriculture, transparent and traceable supply chains and
innovations in packaging and manufacturing.

Commitment deadline: 
April 28
Materials Due: 
April 29


Natural Sweeteners: Achieving
Clean Label Sweetness

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

For consumers keeping a keener eye on their personal health, sugar is often among the first ingredients avoided or reduced. However, the role sugar plays as both a sweetener and bulking agent must still be filled. This webinar will cover current trends in sugar reduction and avoidance, trending natural sweeteners filling the gap and formulation tips and best practices to achieve the taste and texture consumers desire without the sugar.

Commitment deadline: 
June 30
Materials Due: 
July 1


Chew on This: The Future of Cultured Meats

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

As an increasing number of consumers choose to avoid or reduce their consumption of animal products—whether for health or ethical reasons—
plant-based food and beverage took off. Now, the next phase of sustainable meat is beginning to find its footing—cultured meat products. This webinar will look at the latest technologies behind cultured meat products and what the future holds for this burgeoning market.

Commitment deadline: 
August 25
Materials Due:
August 26 


Looking Ahead: The Future of Food & Beverage

*Powered by Food & Beverage Insider

As we close the book on 2022, it is only natural we look forward to 2023 and beyond. What trends are taking shape for the next year, and how is the food and beverage industry responding? This webinar
will look ahead at the ingredients, products, technologies and innovations expected to take off in the near future.

Commitment deadline: 
October 27
Materials Due: 
October 28

SupplySide Sponsored Intensives

SupplySide Network 365 introduces a series of customer-led webinar events. As note below, each month will focus on a topic and offers attendees the opportunity to hear from multiple suppliers around the category in an intensive 2-3 hour information deep dive. Limited to six sponsors maximum, each sponsor will give a 10-minute live presentation and will participate in a 20-minute live Q&A at the end of the session. Networking will be highly encouraged before, during and after each SupplySide Sponsored Intensive!



Commitment deadline: 
December 14, 2021
Live Presentation:
January 12


Meat Alternatives

Commitment deadline: 
January 11
Live Presentation: 
February 9


Inflammation & Joint Health

Commitment deadline: 
February 15
Live Presentation: 
March 16



Commitment deadline: 
March 22
Live Presentation: 
April 20


Plant-Based Dairy

Commitment deadline: 
April 12
Live Presentation: 
May 11


Immune Health

Commitment deadline: 
May 10
Live Presentation: 
June 8



Commitment deadline: 
June 14
Live Presentation: 
July 13


Weight Management

Commitment deadline: 
July 12
Live Presentation: 
August 10



Commitment deadline: 
August 16
Live Presentation: 
September 14


Sports Recovery

Commitment deadline: 
September 13
Live Presentation: 
October 12


Healthy Aging

Commitment deadline: 
October 11
Live Presentation: 
November 9


Children’s Health

Commitment deadline: 
November 8
Live Presentation: 
December 7