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  • Sustainability, certifications and claims
  • Preserving the nutritional quality of packaged foods
  • Kombucha
  • Whole food and inclusions


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  • Plant-based nutrition
  • Snacks
  • Co-packing
  • Alcohol/mocktails
  • Organic vs. non-GMO


Sweeteners and sodium reduction​
Rising obesity and cardiovascular disease (CVD) rates continue to draw attention to sugar and sodium levels in the food supply. This magazine will discuss factors driving sugar and sodium reduction; natural ingredients that don’t compromise taste; and categories poised for sugar and sodium reform.

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Dairy alternatives
Changing dietary habits of consumers toward lactose-free, dairy-free and plant-based/vegan options have led to growing demand for dairy alternative foods and beverages. This magazine will examine market shift and size; trending dairy alternative ingredients; formulation considerations; and key categories poised for robust growth.

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According to Grand View Research, the global market for snacks will reach US$33 billion by 2025, driven mainly by consumers who want a healthy grab-and-go option for a snack or meal replacement. This magazine will examine healthy snack categories; cutting-edge ingredients that provide a healthy halo such as protein sources, natural sweeteners, nuts, seeds, fruits, healthy fats; and more.

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Research and Markets predicts the global beverage market is expected to ring up $1.9 trillion in sales by 2021, as consumers look for drinks that promote health and wellness. This magazine will examine trends influencing new beverage innovation, health-forward ingredients, go-to-market opportunities, formulation and processing considerations, packaging and more.

Ad Reservations: April 15


Clean label bakery
Indulgent categories like bakery are experiencing transformation as demand for clean label options inspires formulation, ingredients and market growth. This magazine will examine market trends including the rise of gluten-free, whole grain, ancient grain and additive-free products; clean label ingredients for bakery applications; and formulation considerations.

Ad Reservations: June 15


Fats and oils
Not all fats and oils are created equal, and today’s consumers are looking for products with healthy halos. Further, recent regulatory changes geared to address health and sustainability have created opportunity for innovation in the area of better-for-you fats and oils. We’ll examine trending clean label fat and oil options; formulation considerations; product development trends; and cost and supply chain considerations.

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Grains such as wheat, corn and rice are staple foods worldwide, but whole grains and ancient grains are in the spotlight thanks to their nutritional profiles. We’ll look at trending grains product launches; how suppliers are identifying, sourcing, growing and pioneering leading-edge organic, transitional and conventional grains; and key food and beverage categories that will benefit from the inclusion of grains.

Ad Reservations: August 19


Colors and flavors
Clean label is the new norm, and consumers want products free from artificial flavors and synthetic colors, and brands across the globe are responding by reformulating to meet demand. This magazine will look at the global colors and flavors markets to identify market drivers and opportunities; considerations for ingredient selection including formulation and processing; costs; and supply chain.

Ad Reservations: September 18


Coffee and tea
Coffee and tea drinks are all the rage, and brands are delivering innovative and flavorful products fortified with functional ingredients such as probiotics or adaptogenic botanicals. We will examine the global market for coffee and tea products, trending functional ingredients, new product innovation and supply chain considerations.

Ad Reservations: October 15


Toddler and children’s nutrition
Everyone needs the same types of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat; however, toddlers and children need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages. This magazine will examine nutritional needs for toddlers and children; ingredients that address specific needs or deficiencies, trending products types, and insight into how brands can succeed in the kids’ space.

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Plant-based nutrition
Plant-based eating is a red-hot category driven by consumer demand for foods that are minimally processed and made from sustainable ingredients. This deep dive will look at what’s on the horizon for plant-based foods and the potential for continued growth and innovation in the category. Key insights will include trending ingredients, areas for growth, supply chain, formulation considerations and current policy issues related to labeling.

Sales Reservation: August 4


Transitional organic & regenerative agriculture
Transitional organic and regenerative agriculture are farming principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enriches soils, improve watersheds and enhance ecosystem services. These practices address climate change and are critical to the future of food. This deep dive will examine how ingredient suppliers and brands are on a mission to change the world by implementing these agricultural methods.

Sales Reservation: September 11


Natural color & flavor innovations
Clean label is the new norm, and brands are responding by reformulating to meet demand.
Consumers want products free from artificial flavors and synthetic colors, so it is important for
formulators to understand ingredient selection and process for natural alternatives. To ensure
your food or beverage makes it into as many mouths as possible—and then is enjoyed again and again—it is crucial to get both the flavor and the color just right.

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Plant-based nutrition
Plant-based eating has continued to gain popularity, with 39% of Americans trying to eat more plant-based foods. This growing demand for plant-based is fueling innovation, creating more targeted, functional, delicious and cleaner products. This guide will cover formulation considerations for taste and texture in plant-based products that will appeal to consumers’ desire for sustainable, healthy options. 


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Fats for health
Healthy fats are in the spotlight, and food and beverage manufacturers are turning to ingredient
suppliers for clean-label fats and oils that don’t compromise taste or function to appeal to the
growing market of health-conscious consumers. New Dietary Guidelines suggest a healthy diet
should consist of plant-based oils as well as oils naturally present in nuts, seeds, seafood, olives
and avocados. This guide will cover trending clean-label fat and oil options, formulation
considerations and product development trends.

Ad Reservations: May 11


Sugar is still king of the sweeteners, but the latest nutrition fact panel formats are exposing consumers more readily to just how much sugar and added sugars their packaged foods include. Formulators are charged with finding the latest innovations, sweetener options and appropriate blends for applications that will appeal to the dueling desires for natural, sweet and less added sugar.

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Today’s busy consumers are concerned about their health while desiring convenience. Fortification in packaged foods and beverages can provide the solution. No longer simply preventing deficiencies, nutrient fortification today is all about optimizing health. From vitamins and minerals to healthy fats and proteins, fortification offers solutions for consumers and competitive advantages for manufacturers.

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Organic and sustainable
Organic and regenerative agriculture increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds
and enhances ecosystem services. These farming practices address climate change and are
critical to the future of food. For natural product formulators looking to reflect these values, it’s
imperative to work with suppliers they trust. This guide will explore the various ways that
leading-edge ingredient suppliers are creating sustainable supply chains and championing

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