Custom Animated Video

Communicate your message and story through an engaging animated video highlighting your category expertise and industry thought leadership. Animated videos allow you to tell an educational story in a fun and unique way. Natural Product Insider’s content marketing team builds the script and works with the design team to craft your unique message through custom illustrations and graphics brought to life with music and narration.

Past Example

Program Details

  • Informa content marketing team creates content, design and animation.
  • Company logo on landing page.
  • 2-touch email campaign to relevant audience members.
  • Social media promotion via X(Twitter), LinkedIn.
  • Custom program will go through an approval process.
    • Content marketing team works with client on the topic and content for their video.
    • Content marketing teams with video production and design to produce full video content.
    • Production edit is given two rounds of review to client and then finalized within 2 weeks from send date and then queued for pre-market publishing.
    • To avoid project delays, requested changes and corrections to copy, video excerpts and artwork by all approving parties should be submitted when returning the reviewed content. Continual changes to approved final assets will inhibit us from meeting approved deadlines and may incure added fees.

Price: $15,000