Inside Organic

Now in its third year, in 2024, Inside Organic will continue to use a range of content platforms to proactively help suppliers, distributors, brands and companies across the supply chain identify and address the challenges that inhibit organic awareness and growth. Inside Organic will also help companies across the supply chain identify organic communication strategies that are working–messages that could be further elevated and where new messaging opportunities lie.
Inside Organic provides an opportunity to grow organic as an industry and a lifestyle.

Past Example

Program Details

  • Kickoff EventMarch, 2024
  • Organic Summit—3 hours. June, 2024
  • Interactive Article—One per partner, deployed throughout the year.
  • Custom Video,“why organic?”—one video short per partner
  • Mini eGuide—One gated co-branded report. Launch Date: October, 2024
  • Bi-monthly Social Campaign – 6 shared social campaigns
  • eNewsletter—6 high-performance newsletters highlighting news, trends and updates in organic, including announcements from our Inside Organic partners and the latest Inside Organic content, including featured partner interactive articles.
  • Roundtable—This virtual event brings thought leaders from across the industry together to discuss organic messaging challenges and opportunities for B2B and B2C markets. Inside Organic sponsors/partners are the only brands to join thought leaders in this conversation. December, 2024
  • SupplySide West FiNA Stage—Inside Organic will sponsor an organic-focused 75-minute presentation at SupplySide West providing the opportunity for partner representation and participation. October 30-31, 2024

Price: $14,000