Inside Organic

A unifying force for the organic industry

Inside Organic

Inside Organic is designed to bring together companies with USDA-certified organic products from across the supply chain to develop a collective, clear communication and education programs to support organic. The $61.9 billion organic industry has faced many challenges over the years, including a lack of consumer awareness and confusion over of what USDA-certified organic means.

In 2022, Inside Organic will use a range of content platforms, research, virtual and in-person events to proactively help retailers and brands elevate and expand the story of organic. Acting as a unifying megaphone to help increase organic awareness and education, this program will help insert ingredient companies, suppliers, manufacturers, brands and retailers share the many benefits of organic in a manner that resonates across the supply chain from producers and brands to consumers, …now and in the future. This is an opportunity to grow organic as an industry and a lifestyle.

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Price: $7,500

Program Details - Premier Level

All above inclusions plus:

Price: $15,000