Supply Chain Sustainability Stories

Understanding the commitments and science defining sustainable supply chains
Sustainability has become mission critical for natural consumer products, and by extension suppliers and producers across the health and nutrition supply chain. Suppliers understand that this is foundational. Avoiding greenwashing, the fundamentals of sustainable consumer packaged goods (CPG) are predicated in the supply chain – from ingredient cultivation and production to packaging and co-manufacturing materials and operations.
Supply Chain Sustainability Stories will build the communication bridge, educating and fashioning communication strategies to help suppliers tell their stories and showcase industry impacts and leadership. The stakes are high. Sustainability is more than messaging; it is commitments and practices that raise the tide for all CPG industry stakeholders – and beyond.

Program Details

  • Roundtable Virtual Kickoff Event
  • eNewsletter 
  • Partner Profile One per partner, deployed throughout the year
    This custom created lead generating co-branded Snapshot Download style asset will feature the unique partner sustainability story, highlighting their key commitments and programs with a focus on defining key messaging priorities. One custom partner profile per partner. Targeted marketing campaign.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Special Report 
    • Unique supply chain sustainability issues for food and beverage brand audience.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Summit
    • Food and Beverage supply chains – food technologies and food systems that address long-term sustainability concerns, marketed FBI the audience.
  • SupplySide West 2024 – SupplySide Stage: Sustainability in Practice
    One hosted 75-minute live education session

Price: $22,500