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Wellness-minded, label-reading shoppers seek functional foods
and beverages to optimize their health. Some are looking for
specific beneficial nutrients, others focus upon nutrient-dense, clean-label functional foods and beverages in convenient formats to support their active lifestyles. By way of example, grabbing a midafternoon nutrition bar fortified perhaps with nutrient-dense whole foods, they’ll score ample minerals, amino acids and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Similarly, by snacking on crackers
fortified with organic beet root and kale ingredients, they’ll get a range of antioxidants. For brands, enhancing recipes with high-quality nutrients and other functional ingredients can create truly differentiated competitive products within a crowded marketplace. The opportunities to innovate are endless with a vast array of versatile clean-label ingredients to choose from.

Commitment deadline: 
June 23
Materials Due: 
July 4